Some people are like the apples I just bought, rotten from the inside out.  Choose to be a good apple.

"Ello...I Said, Ello!"

What you put in will be what comes out.  What kind of apple are you?



  1. Clinton said,

    06/30/2010 at 11:50

    I’m a good apple, because I love the Lord, and my wife Loraine does too,
    praise the Lord.
    Lately I’v been going to see and hear southern gospel singers sing praaises to the Lord, this has helped us by refreshing us right after we been to each service by seeing and hearing these gospel singers sing praises to the Lord
    to all of us that’s been to that same service..

    I sure miss that good singing you used to do when you were singing together
    what was called The Parker Trio.

    I still have one of your cd’s title Love Remains, and one dvd that was made at
    Havana,IL. title of dvd Live in Havana, I love that dvd, all of the gospel songs ,and cd too , I love all of the gospel songs what’s on the cd.

    Shannan, keep up the good work your doing for the Lord, you are doing a wonderful job forthe Lord, praise the Lord.

    This all for now, I’m going to try to write a poem about the LOrd sometime tonite, then when I’m done, I’ll write on here where it sis post a comment.

    God bless you, we love you.


    Clinton & Loraine

    • 07/05/2010 at 11:50

      Awww, I do appreciate you sharing how the Parker Trio’s music continues to witness to you. The enemy thought he stopped us, but God’s truth will march on. Thank you for loving me and praying for me. You and Loraine are most certainly good apples!

      God Bless You Abundantly!

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