Chapter 3 – “Lotsa Luck!”

“Put Your Dream To The Test”  Chapter Three Thoughts

“Reality…is the enemy of fantasies but not of dreams.” ~Rudy Ruttiger

“If You’re Depending On Luck Then All I Have To Say Is, “Lotsa Luck!”

There’s a prayer I’ve been praying for some time now, which I have written out and placed in my car.  I have been reminded of the value of this prayer as I begin reading this 3rd chapter of ‘Put Your Dream To The Test.’

Dear God, Grant me eyes to see, ears to ear, a mind to understand, and a heart to receive all You desire for me.  Father, teach me to be a true representation of a woman of God.  Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit in me as I seek You daily.

The topics of luck vs. reality, or fantasy vs. dreams, leads me to pray this prayer more often than I have lately.  I have to be willing to allow God to purge and mold me into His image; which I might add is a lot of hard work.

There’s a long list on pages 50-51 that I am working through; Fantasizers vs. Dream Builders.  I wish I could elaborate more for you on this list, but at this time it’s still an issue of that purging and molding God is doing inside of me.  I have no doubt that as time passes you will hear from me regarding thoughts and debates going on inside my head.  What I know at this moment is, I am trying to value this time God’s granted me as a time of preparation, instead of feeling guilty for taking it.  I am trying to listen and learn as I begin to take each step along the new path that is before me.

A fatasizer will expect to show-up on race day and run a successful race they’ve never trained for.  A dream builder will train and condition long before race day arrives and actually run the race strong.

13.2 Miles! Something, "I could never do," I did! 4/24/2010

When we, The Parker Trio, would start working on a new recording project, it was a long operation.  We would start writing and picking songs for our next recording while our current project was being duplicated.  It took no less than a year for the process to be completed.  Once we had our song list, we had to work with many studio musicians to create the rhythm in which we were feeling the song.  We’d have to experiment with our voices to see who would sing which part.  Often this would change several times, and sometimes it would change again when we finally made it into the sound-booth to record.  It was nothing unusual for us to practice three hours a day for six months to get our voices to intertwine in the harmony parts.  One vocal therapist likened the method to running a marathon with our voices.

Daystar Television Oct. 2005

Over the last few months the word that keeps coming to my mind is balance.  Chapter 3 seems to be a confirmation I’m heading in the right direction with these thoughts.  God tells me that I have been created for a specific plan and purpose, (Jer. 29:11-13).  The world leads me to believe I should be able to be successful at anything “I set my mind to.”  If this were true everyone would win when they try out for the show, ‘American Idol.’  Better yet, John McCain would also be president right now, along with all the other candidates that ran in the last election.  I don’t want to just be whatever “I” set my mind to.  I want to be all that God has created me for.  I must hear from others and learn from them, but I need to weigh everything with God’s word and listen for His direction and plan for my life.

“Rose-colored glasses are never made in bifocals.  Nobody wants to read the small print in dreams.” ~Ann Landers We must acknowledge reality in order to step forward with our dreams.

I want a truly happy, healthy family and home.  I do not want the make-believe dreamland version Hollywood offers.  After all, there is life after the “Happily Ever After.”  A healthy marriage or happy family cannot be built on luck.  When the weight of daily living presses in, couples have one of two choices, communicate or withdraw from each other.  When bills pile up, when children get into trouble, or even when something as simple as one is just having a grouchy day, love and communication will keep bad seeds from taking root.  If the bad seeds are ignored or swept under the rug, they will take deep roots long before you see the sprout break daylight.  Likewise, so will the loving seed that is cultivated.

With Enough Care, Even Flowers Bloom In A Dry Season

Luck will not rescue you from something you are supposed to face and grow through.  There must be time spent in prayer, time spent listening, then communication to figure out a plan of action in order to come out strong and victorious.  I’m not minimizing the need for God’s divine intervention through many of life’s situations.  However, there are times we have to step forward in surrendered obedience before He will part the waters in front of us. (Ex. 14:16)

Even Moses Had To Stretch Out His Staff Before The Waters Would Part

These thoughts just scratch the surface of all that chapter 3 has to offer.  If you have not done so already, consider picking this book up and reading it from the perspective of what big dreams await an awakening in your heart.



  1. Clinton said,

    07/12/2010 at 11:50

    Praise the Lord I like what you wrote Shannan for chapter 3-Lotsa Luck!”
    Shannanparker’s Blog

    (Jer29:12)then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you.

    Their is another verse that keeps coming up inm my mind.
    John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I AM the way, the truth, and the life, no man
    cometh unto the father, but by me.

    God has a plan & purpose, I must listen to God what he has planned for me
    tell others about Jesus, invite them to sunday school & church service.

    God keeps telling play your Harp to make a joyful noise unto the Lord in church, and few other churches, pray for me that I well do good on my Harp and sing with my harp too, I now a lot of songs by heart.

    I’v taken 217 lessons, it’s a small harp 19 strings.

    Twice a week I go for a walk 2 miles round trip, good exercise.

    Ihadn’t made it 13 miles yet Shannan, you are doing great Shannan 13.2 miles, that picture of you was taken of you 4-24-2010 with a long number
    in front of you 27788,that’s wonderful, I bet your in good shape Shannan,
    praise the Lord.

    God gave you a beautiful face Shannan , I saw your color picture of you,
    that’s a good picture of you.

    I want you to now, my wife and I love you , you are our friend, we just love people, especially other christian people.

    A while back when I was very sick, and when I was at the Post Office I met a
    christian lady, and when I told her about myself, she told me she would pray for me, a week later I got a get well card from her and 10 other christian that
    signed their names on the card too, the church they are members too is Waynesboro Church Of Christ, two weeks later I wan’t sick any more Shannan.

    The doctor put me on a high fiber diet, so I would eat better, It was God that healed me when all those people prayed for me, praise the Lord, isn’t God wonderful Shannan.

    • 07/14/2010 at 11:50

      Clinton, you are a kind soul. I am so glad God has touch your life through other believers and has healed your body. I pray you and your wife have many more wonderful healthy years to come. God is wonderful. He is faithful in every way.

      Keep making that joyful noise unto the Lord,

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