When God Laughs

Captivated Princess

A few nights ago I sat in the back row at a concert.  The most beautiful family slid into the row directly in front of me.  It was a father, mother, and a sweet baby girl who was around six months old.

I watched these big, beautiful, brown eyes twinkle as she sucked her fist.  In her wavy dark brown hair rested a purple ribbon tied into a loose bow.  I did my best to tell her with my eyes and a smile, “Yes, You are a sweet princess.”  It’s amazing how our eyes can speak volumes without our lips uttering a word.

Her daddy leaned forward and she met him half way.  Her and her father’s eyes closed simultaneously as her father gently kissed her forehead.  In return, the father received his daughter’s butterfly kisses from her breath on his face.  At that moment she was fully aware that she was the only one in the room.  She had captivated her father.  Just what every little girl wants to be – captivating.

In moments like these, my heart feels the ache of a life lost, yet it’s synchronized with overwhelming joy in the miracle that’s only found in the pure laughter of a child.  I believe this is when we truly hear God Himself laugh.  The giggles from one so young have yet to be contaminated by the weight of this world.

I want to live.  I want to love.  I want to be the healthy, whole person God created me to be.  Sure, I think about what might have been if…  I close my eyes and paint pictures in my head of what I think it might have been like had Warren not stepped off the bus that night.  I also take a deep breath as I mentally walk myself back to reality.

In the process of my life’s journey, no matter where it leads me, I will continue to openly share my thoughts and emotions on many topics.  If I refuse to face each of these feelings honestly, I lie to you, I lie to myself, and I will get stuck.  I know God can bless me with a love like this again, and I’m remaining open to whatever He may or may not have for me.

I continue to pray for God’s protection.  I sit in moments of silence and ask God to reveal any area inside of me that could be hindering His best for me.   I believe with expectant hope that sooner than later I will be able to write about the latter being greater than the former. -(Job 42:10)  God promises that the seasons of our lives will change, and I know mine is in this process of change, so I will continue to sing this song;

I have a hope, I have a future
I have a destiny that is yet awaiting me
My life’s not over, a new beginning’s just begun
I have a hope, I have this hope

God has a plan, it’s not to harm me
But it’s to prosper me and to hear me when I call
He intercedes for me, working all things for my good
Though trials may come I have this hope

I will yet praise Him, my great Redeemer
I will yet stand up and give Him glory with my life
He takes my darkness and He turns it into light
I will yet praise Him, my Lord my God

My God is for me, He’s not against me
So tell me whom then, tell me whom then shall I fear
He has prepared for me
Great works He’ll help me to complete
I have a hope, I have this hope

Goodness and mercy, they’re gonna follow me
And I’ll forever dwell in the house of my great King
No eye has ever seen all He’s preparing there for me
Though trials may come, I have this hope

There’s still hope for me today
‘Cause the God heaven loves me
(‘I Have A Hope’ by Tommy Walker)

~Shannan (written June 6 ‘2010)

Photo by, Angie White A Storybook of photography, Life & everything in between!


  1. 07/23/2010 at 11:50

    Beautiful! I’ve seen that look in a little girl’s face as well. It’s priceless. And to see the joy of a daughter whose femininity is a delight to her father is one of the most amazing things to experience. Her confidence, her joy, and the abandon with which she can experience her world, without fear, is breath-taking. What a blessing it is to know that you captivate the most important man in your world (father, and one day, a husband). Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Shannan. You are a blessing!

    • 07/24/2010 at 11:50

      I bet I know who that little girl is you’re talking about. “Without fear” is a key here. You’ve taught me much my friend! Thank you.

  2. Steve Weatherford said,

    07/23/2010 at 11:50

    Whats fun is when you look down and your child and he ( or she ) gives you a dirty look and it looks just like both of your dirty looks, My son has the best of both our dirty looks and he knows how to use it to perfection. He has a great smile too but wow the dirty look thing.. Shannan, we all pray for you often and talk about Warren a lot, folks out there still remember him and your ministry. I can tell you his death has changed the way a lot of people do things. I know some folks who turn the flashers on the bus right after church in his memory every night, I do the same thing. He was loved, You are still loved.

    • 07/24/2010 at 11:50

      Haha! Steve, they sure do learn real quick how to let you know what they think. I’m going to venture out on a limb and say he takes after you…lol!

      Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I had no idea that some of you were turning your flashers on. WOW! You are certainly one of our treasured friends along the way. Warren knew 100% he could trust you; that you were/are a true friend. Love you much and pray God bless you and your family. I’m going to try to pop in at NQC for a night to say hi.

  3. Cynthia said,

    07/23/2010 at 11:50

    Shannan, you are such a blessing. Your expression in words flow off the paper and grip my heart, they allow me to not only be deeply blessed but, I feel Jesus’ love as my eyes scan over each sentence. I love you, I am thankful for you and your incredible gift of writing. xoxo

    • 07/24/2010 at 11:50

      What a humbling compliment; the greatest to hear is that others experience/see/hear Jesus in me. Thank You! Much love back atcha ;o}

  4. Clinton said,

    07/23/2010 at 11:50

    Shannan we still pray for you every day, God has blessed you what you are doing by writing good thoughts on your website, praise the Lord, we love you
    keep up the good works what your doing.

    Shannan I love that gospel what you printed on your website, the title:I have a hope by Tommy Walker, where did you fine this wonderful gospel song, I love it.

    I clicked on it and sang with Tommy Walker this where it said your tube video.

    I read all the words to it what you printed on your website real good, praise
    the Lord.

    I picked out a wonderful chapter and verse Job 42:10
    And the Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends,also
    he Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before, wow praise the Lord what a verse Shannan, great chapter and verse.

    I’m going to play that song again, I love it Shannan , the song: I have a hope
    where did you fine that wonderful gospel song
    your a blessing God bless you, we love you
    -Clinton & Loraine

    • 07/24/2010 at 11:50

      The prayers of godly people are a gift, thank you. The song I quoted is one our church sings from time to time, so I looked up the original singer and had to share it with everyone. I’m glad it touched your heart the way it did mine. We have hope because we belong to Jesus.

  5. 07/24/2010 at 11:50

    We have not been to the convention in several years, The last time I was there, it was just not the same. There was hardly any of the old guard there at all. No one I knew, it’s turned over so much. If you go there, expect to be surprised at how different it all is now. We were hoping to be at Warrens memorial concert this year but it just did not work out. I do think of you and Warren all the time,and all of those who were in your ministry. But let me tell you this, When my son Skylar gives ME the dirty look, he looks just like his mama and when he gives HER the dirty look, he looks just like me. He caught on fast how that works.

    • 08/10/2010 at 11:50

      Yeah, the last time I was at convention was 2006. I have a friend I want to see who is a walking miracle and she may be there. She works with Jeff Ferguson.

      To be completely honest, I haven’t been back to one of the memorial concerts myself. Warren knew how much you loved him :o) As for Skylar’s looks, I’ll stay out of that debate. Ha!

      Love you my dear friend. Hugs to all!

  6. Bonacic family said,

    10/28/2010 at 11:50

    We read the blog!! We are so blessed that God used our little girl to be an inspiration to you. She has that gift from Him,before she was borned God told us that she was going to be very special. And to hear your testimony…wow
    may God keep blessing you!
    Thank you so much, Ana Felipe and little Hannah.

    • 11/20/2010 at 11:50

      What a sweet gift God gave me by being able to meet you! You are a beautiful family. I will be in prayer for you and little Hannah as God unfolds His mighty plan for all of you. May His protection surround you and His peace sustain you. Please keep in touch!

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  8. 01/30/2011 at 11:50

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  9. 02/18/2011 at 11:50

    […] the past, I’ve written about feeling God’s hug in the laughter of a child.  Well today, that hug came from a sweet adult girl with childhood hopes renewed in her eyes.  […]

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