How An Extra 25lbs Can Make You Lighter!

Yesterday I was walking with a friend and her two kids.  The youngest of the two is three years old and so very smart.  We were walking through the store when Rose reached her arms up motioning her desire for me to pick her up.  As I lifted her to my side I whispered, “I know, shopping makes me tired too.”  Surprisingly, the extra 25lbs attached to me seemed to make me lighter.

My heart has been weighted with disappointment the last five years, and more sorrow was added over the last three months.  The more I tried to make sense of everything, the more I realized I can’t.  I simply must trust my Abba in heaven.

I love that from these recent experiences I now can say Abba, Father God, and Heavenly Father, and be filled with comfort and not fear.  A comfort in knowing my daddy in heaven loves me.  He delights in me and wants His girl to shine.  For so long I had such a distorted view of God.  I will touch more on this in future writings.

My focus as I held this precious little one in my arms was to shower her with the same love I was overwhelmed with – true, pure and unconditional.

Rose laid her head next to mine, resting her chin on my shoulder as I began to sing to her…

I will sing praise, I will lift my voice

I will sing praise, I’ve made my choice

I will sing praise, In all I do

I will sing praise to You…..

Each time I would stop singing, she would lift her head and lean her cheek to mine – I would begin again…

No matter the storms that come my way

No matter the trials I may face

You promised that You would see me through

So I will trust in You.

She would rest her head again and cling to me.

When do we, as grown-ups, lose the ability to give and receive love like this?  At what point do the wounds on our heart becomes so callused and hard, and how is it that my heart can find a tender spot for a moment like this?  OH’ WOW!  There’s nothing like a moment like this!  All the pain both past and present have brought me to a sweet place, a place that allows me to appreciate what’s truly important.  I now can see the value of the present.

Refuse to be jaded by pain.  After all, maybe it’s the painful moments in life that really teach us to love.  Maybe I should sorrow not for what I’ve lost but for those who have never been tenderized and given the privilege of discovering the diamonds the fire leaves behind?


It’s Time to discover more diamonds!

Song Info. ‘I Will Sing Praise’


  1. Barbara Miller said,

    01/01/2011 at 11:50

    Dear Child of God you overflow with wisdom from your Abba Father!!! What a beautiful word picture you paint. The little ones, so pure, keep the love of our Father flowing in our daily lives. Praise through song delights our Lord. Beautiful combination!

  2. Jana said,

    01/01/2011 at 11:50

    WOW Sha. That was awesome. We do become so hardened and untrusting. Afraid to be hurt. Afraid to give up ourselves, be it time, money, or emotions.

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