Give Me My Wings Already!

Do you really want wings like an eagle?  Really?

A dear friend of mine wrote this and sent it to me.  So many times we pray for God to do something in us and for us, but then we wrestle with Him when He’s preparing the path for our request to be granted.  I know this is a little long for a blog, but I encourage you to read it and decide you are worth it.  Sometimes the season we go through is, “all about me.”  You must grow and become strong before you can be strong for someone else.

Did You Really Think They Were Born This Strong?

Okay…first off let me preface this by reminding you that as you well
know, I am no religious expert nor an accomplished zoologist, but after
listening to an old tape mom had given me from the mountains, I was
intrigued and decided to do some investigating and studying on eagles. I am
going to concise this down from the 40 page small notebook that I have
taken all my notes down for this in. Now, having said that…I believe
there is a story to be told. I hope that the story intrigues you the way
that it did me and that you can possibly even see more in it than I can. I
can tell you that what you will read comes from several different
locations. From the tape that I heard from a man who studied eagles for
over 5 years in Portugal, Australia, the US and Canada. Also, from a study
that was mostly carried out by Indians on a reservation. Also a study done
around Franklin, NC and between Cherokee, NC and Gatlinburg, TN.
I am going to add my own way of telling the stories, so to bring out what I
see as messages in them, that in my eyes are really compelling to be told.
I hope that you get a blessing from it.

Reference scriptures Duet ch.32 verse 1-14 and Isaiah ch.40 verse 31

“An Eagle Was Meant To Fly”

The eagle is a member of the Falcon family including hawks and condors, but
the eagle is a very different and unique bird. The eagle is mentioned over
30 times in the Bible, more than any other bird. Full grown, the eagles
wingspan measures over 7 1/2 feet from wingtip to wingtip. He flies at
speeds better than 135 mph and on the downward sweep, he can reach over 180
mph. In Australia, the eagle often feeds on kangaroos that weigh up to

The eagle is a meat eater and will not eat anything that is rotten, spoiled
or filthy. Do we not often feed on the rotten and spoiled things of the
world, rather than feeding on the clean fresh things from God? An eagle
will use all parts of his prey, he will eat the meat and use the hide and
fur for nesting, and shares all this with other eagles. He is not a
wasteful animal. do we not often waste talents that God has given us to use
for His glory?

The eagle always makes his home in the tallest clefts of the rocks and
mountains, as if he is trying to get as close to God as he can. He will
stay with the same rock until he dies. He uses the rock for safety, he uses
the rock to sharpen his claws that he uses for survival. We need to use the
“Rock of Ages” to sharpen our defenses and stay with the Rock…always and
not venture from it.

The eagle is the only bird that both, the mom and dad raise the little ones
together. They will build the nest with twigs and sticks and then cover it
with hides and fur. The mother and father will take turns during the
incubation process. The mom will sit on the eggs and she will stick her
legs out and the dad will lock feet with her and then he will rub his neck
against her and they will cuddle their heads. After a while they will
switch places and repeat the sequence. Too many people have way too much
fighting, fussing and carrying on to really care like that.

The little ones are born with more mouth than anything else and they scream
and holler, wanting to be fed. The mom and dad will take turns leaving the
nest to get food. They will chew it up real fine before giving the meat to
the little ones. A lot of times it would serve us well to chew on something
for a while before handing it out to other people.

Everything the little ones need, they provide for them. If a storm rolls
through, the mom and dad will spread out their wings and shelter the little
ones from the storm. God feeds us when we need to be fed, protects us when
we need protecting and loved us even when we were unlovable.

The home that has been built for the little ones is not a permanent
one…it is made to be destroyed as I will point out shortly. The little
fellas begin to grow very fast and they are so very cute as babies. The
little ones start training right in the nest, how to fend and eat for
themselves. The Bible says to train up a child the way he should go and
when he’s grown, he won’t be far from it. (This rings very true for me
personally…no matter how far you may stray, the teachings will stick with
you forever and ever)

The little ones continue to grow and soon there is more eagles than there
is nest. At about 12 weeks old, the little one still hasn’t learned how to
fly. He will get out of the nest and walk around on the rock, meanwhile,
the mom will fly up to the nest and rip all that warm and soft fur and hide
out of it and drop it over the cliff. The little guy will walk back over to
the nest and squirm and look puzzled as to why it’s not as comfortable as
before. The mom knows it is time for him to learn what he was intended
for…his identity. He will walk around the rock again and the momma will
go back and tear the twigs out of the nest and the little guy will return
and try to lay down and get comfortable…but can’t. The bewildered look
will return as he knows the nest is not like it was before. When God stirs
our nest, it will never be like it used to be and when He get’s us ready
for service…it can be an uncomfortable place to be.

The little guy will prance around the rock and the momma will go to the
edge of the cliff and put down her neck. The little one, usually shaking
because he has spent the night without a warm nest will crawl on her back
and nuzzle into her warm body and feathers. The mama all of a sudden will
take off and fly off the cliff, the little one will clench and dig down
into her back as to hold on for dear life. She spins and dives and thrusts
straight up and then will fly upside down. Finally, the little one,
exhausted from holding on so tightly, he turns loose. With his heart in his
throat, he is turning end over end and falling to the ground. The mama will
use her speed to catch him before he actually reaches the ground. How many
times has God caught us, when we were spiraling helplessly out of control?

To the rock they will return and that little one will prance around on that
rock and carry on as to say…”Hallelujah for this Rock, It’s great to be
back on this Rock!” The training will continue, and one day the little one
will be in that downward spiral and the mama will fly beside him and scream
as if to say…”Fly, you’re an eagle!” The little guy will spread those
wings apart and the wind will catch him and take him higher and higher. The
mom and dad will fly around screaming and rejoicing. The eagle will only
actually fly 10 percent of the time, the other 90 percent will be spent
gliding with the wind. As he get’s older and stronger, he learns to fly
through the storms to get above it and is able to look down on the storms.

The eagle has a unique defense mechanism. He is equipped with a set of
lenses like sunglasses. He will never allow an enemy bird to get between
him and the sun. If the youngster ever is in danger from an enemy, he will
fly right straight at the sun and his enemy will lose the eagle in the sun,
the enemy bird will lose the eagle in the light. This is a great parallel,
as to how we should handle the enemy, by just heading straight to the light
of God and the enemy just can’t follow!!

Now, we’ll look at an eagle named Tamigen that was studied once upon a
time. The average lifespan of the eagle is 55 to 60 years with
some being recorded to live in excess of 100 years. Somewhere between the average ages of 30 to 35 years they have what is referred to as a “moping” period. For some unknown reason, the eagle will go through a period of depression.

On a bluff around Franklin and Cherokee, NC there was a study conducted on
five eagles in their moping period. Without a known reason, the eagles will
come down to the ground and the wilderness and they quit flying for a
spell. Their body was not meant to walk around or stand so much and their
feet will begin to swell. Unknowingly, by not flying, they allow a calcium/
cartilage deposit to build up on their beaks and this restricts their
air-flow and their ability to eat. Their feet begin to hurt, but they find
out that they do not have the ability to get back off the ground and back
to their rock. Some can get off the ground but lack the strength to go very
far due to their reduced strength. They have come down to the wilderness
and stayed too long. It will be a fight of life or death to get out of the

They can’t eat properly due to their beaks and the lack of strength to
hunt, because they will only eat fresh meat. Some amazing things start
happening in the story! There were eight eagles who came on a daily basis
and dropped fresh meat down to the 5 eagles on the ground, one of them
being the eagle Tamigen. Two of the eagles including Tamigen took and ate
the meat. The other three refused to eat the meat, and this continued for
several days. Eventually Tamigen started beating his beak against small
rocks and such as to try to break off some of the deposits as he started
regaining some strength.

Tamigen and one other eagle made it out. The other three ended up dying in
the wilderness and died while their head was perched and gazing at the rock
cliffs from where they came from. The rock from where they had once ruled
the sky and been so strong and mighty. The local indians there on a
reservation, buried the three dead eagles along with over twenty others that
had perished down on the earth.

Tamigen continued to be monitored and he would fly a little ways and walk a
little ways and then fly a little, over and over until he made it back up
that mountain to the cliff and his rock. He used the rock to completely
break off his nubs that once were sharp claws to get rid of the pus and
poison that had collected in the nubs. He used the rock to continue to
scrape and beat the deposits off his beak and his nostril holes.

Several months later Tamigen had regained most of his strength and a daily
ritual was viewed over and over. Tamigen would stand on his rock and scream
over and over and his head would be raised toward the sky and big tears
would roll out of his eyes and down his breast. You see, only healthy
strong eagles can cry. A sick, weak eagle’s eyes will become dry and scaly.
He would scream and cry as if to show his appreciation to God, to be back
on his Rock.

Each day, Tamigen would do this and then he would take off flying and he
was monitored as every day he would take fresh meat down to the spot in the
wilderness where he had almost died and he would drop the fresh meat on a
daily basis. Ya see, it’s the eagles that have almost died down in the
wilderness that return and drop the fresh meat for the sick eagles. One
more thing…the eagles never land down in those spots again. They will fly
above, they will scream, they will drop the fresh meat…but they will not
fly back down in the wilderness and land.

Would it not be amazing if God’s people would always help their own with
this kind of passion? Sometimes we take somebody who is down and we go
ahead and smash them on down some more. To learn the appreciation for our
“Rock” and Lord in the way that Tamigen learned his appreciation for the
“Rock” is an uncomfortable journey. To have the selflessness to always
remember were we came from and the suffering that goes on like this eagle
did is to have wisdom that only can be God-given.

~Rocky Goldie


  1. Carol Scobie said,

    01/22/2011 at 11:50

    That was really interesting Shannan, and some of those truths really hit home, thank you for posting. Love and Prayers. Carol

    • 01/25/2011 at 11:50

      It’s good to hear from you Carol. I have read this several times through and still feel I have much to learn from it. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  2. 01/23/2011 at 11:50

    This was very interesting Shannan, that really hit’s home, there is a lot of truth that hit home, God bless you Shannan, we love you -Clinton & Loraine

  3. Angela Adams said,

    05/29/2011 at 11:50

    That is great Shannan! Lots of truth to learn from it. It really hit home and I needed to hear it. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless you! :o)

    • 06/03/2011 at 11:50

      I’m so glad Angela. I pray God will write through me so I can grow and maybe help encourage others along the way.

  4. Jessica said,

    05/18/2013 at 11:50

    Hello, I remember hearting this story as a child, and would love to know if you have the audio of it or if it is anywhere on the internet. Any information would be helpful. Thank you, Jessica

    • 05/18/2013 at 11:50

      Hey Jessica. I am sorry that I don’t have this as a recording. A friend of mine did some research years ago from an old cassette tape that he found at his mom’s house and passed along the information to me. I don’t even think he still has that tape. You may trying Googling, but no doubt you will have a lot of sites to filter through to find it. If it exist? Sorry I cannot help you more.

    • Deborah said,

      07/18/2016 at 11:50

      Look up Evangelist Bobby Thompson – he’s the one who tells this story, (“Eagle Preacher”), and it has been put on the internet for free downloads!!

  5. 03/07/2014 at 11:50

    […]  Thankfully, God also tells us that if we wait and trust in Him we will soar like the eagle.  Getting those strong wings is a tough process, but there’s even more that I’ve recently learned about this beautiful mighty bird.  They are […]

  6. David said,

    03/09/2014 at 11:50

    GOD please give me the strength to make it back to my rock.

  7. charlie said,

    11/06/2014 at 11:50

    There is an eagle down in the valley
    Its giant beak is calloused and worn,
    The sky above calls all around sound,
    Its feathers are tattered and torn.

    Its the lowest its been since the day it was born
    It shuffles around on talons so sore,
    Its once proud neck droops low,
    A sight so forlorn.

    For this once great eagle it is a time to mope.
    Those huge powerful wings are useless and tired,
    Too painful to spread ,and closed without hope.

    There are older eagles that do fly by,
    Dropping fresh meat, and screeching encouragement
    From the sky.
    They remember a time they too did mope
    But their time, has since passed in the valley of no hope.

    When the eagles moping has finally passed
    And all the callouses have healed at last ,he spreads his wings
    And looks to the sky.
    There is a new determination in the great eagles eye.

    And when he flies, he flies higher and faster than ever before.
    He is the lion of the bird kingdom so powerful in flight
    He soars way up high on thermals and currents,
    Such a majestic sight.

    If you ever find yourself down in the valley,
    If of this life you do tire
    Remember its all up to you to become a high flyer.

    So look to the sky ,open your mind
    And leave the valley and moping behind.
    The sky is the limit, I will see you up there,way up there
    Where only eagles dare.


    • 11/21/2014 at 11:50

      Beautiful encouragement – hope-filled! Thank you for sharing, Jordancharl.

  8. Jessica said,

    06/09/2015 at 11:50

    Hello, I heard this story as a young girl also on a cassette tape at my parents house. If you know who preached the message it would help me in being able to find it. I’ve been in touch with radio stations to see if they have it and they either need the name
    of the message or the name of the preacher. Any help would be appreciated. Thank

    • Tim Hyde said,

      07/29/2015 at 11:50

      I had the opportunity to hear him in person several times in revival. His name is Bobby Thompson. He preached revivals in many places through the south in the 1980’s and 90’s. I’m not sure what happened to him but you can get all the eagle messages here. I ran across this looking for him several months ago.

      • 07/30/2015 at 11:50

        Thank you so much, Tim. You have helped solve a long-time mystery for several people.

    • 07/30/2015 at 11:50

      Hey Jessica, check the comment bellow. Mr. Hyde provided a link to the Preacher’s sermons. Sorry it took so long to give you an answer!

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