Happy National Singles Awareness Day! REALLY?

Are you kidding me?  That’s just another polite way of saying, “Valentines Day Sucks!”

Ok, that’s not true.  I think saying, “Happy National Singles Awareness Day” is an adjustment of thought.  The truth is, I’d much rather have to “Woo” myself today than to be with the wrong person.  Time and time again, I have witnessed people who are more lonely with someone than if they were single.  So, I am grateful that I’m not dating or married to someone who is self-centered or really could careless.  I much prefer waking-up today next to Coady, (my dog) than waking-up, wishing the person next to me loved me.  So Yes!  It is a good day!

The Grass Is Not Always Greener On The Other Side - It Can Always Be Worse!

To all those who will be celebrating with your significant other today, be kind!  I keep hearing women say things like, “He better get it right.”  “He better remember which flowers I like.”  Or, “He better take me somewhere nice for dinner.”  DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF?  Who’s selfish now?  Do you remember the days that you prayed for him, wondering if  “He” ever would find you?

Yes, men you should put a little extra thought into the plans for today, especially if you know you get too busy and neglect to express your love throughout most of the year.  But women, we need to learn how to appreciate, and acknowledge the effort they do put forth.  If your man makes plans, but the restaurant over-books and everything seems to be falling apart on your “special date night” remember why it’s special at all and make an adventure out of it.  If you want him to try to create the perfect romantic night, then you too must exert the same energy in the romance department.

I know I’m no expert in the relationship field, but as an emotional woman myself, I know how we can be.  I was married for almost 10 years and had to learn a lot of these lessons.  It was a hard pill for me to swallow too, but it was healing medicine.  I do recognize that I have a whole lot more of these pills yet to eat when it comes to the lessons of life.

Warren and I created our own little tradition on these holidays.  We would go to the card aisle of the store to find the perfect card for each other.  Then, we would hand each other the card we chose, read them, give kisses, and then put the cards back.  Hahaha!  We could easily afford the cards, but it was our silly little sentimental thing.  When our pastor heard what we did, he scolded us, and told us to stop it and buy the cards.  All that was said while he was laughing at us.  I should make mention, that we would surprise each other with a card, or note, or little thoughtful gift throughout the year – just because.

If each person in the couple equation gives 100% of self, who is left without?

Just some of my random thoughts for today.

Lots Of LOVE To All!


2011, Keeping It Real!


  1. 02/14/2011 at 11:50

    This is so very true, Shannan. It’s hard to remember, once you’re in the middle of the day-to-day stuff of relationships how much you longed for the one your love to finally be in your life. What a good reminder to appreciate him/her and thank God every day!

    • 02/14/2011 at 11:50

      Kimberly, I have no doubt you will love me the same by reminding me when I am living in that “day-to-day” life 😉

  2. Chris Adsit said,

    02/14/2011 at 11:50

    Ha! Loved the free greeting card trick! I’d try that myself, but I know R would see though it as a thinly-veiled means of saving money! Dang! Besides that – excellent advice for ALL couples! You and Warren learned a LOT in that department during your ten years, and we can all benefit from your input!

    • 02/14/2011 at 11:50

      Hey Chris, Warren lucked out with me because that’s exactly what started our special way of giving greeting cards; the money! Ha! I kept everything we gave each other, but on the “because you are suppose to” holidays we decided to start our own tradition of saving money 🙂 His aunt told his mom one time that we were a little odd. We wore that title proudly…LOL! I’m sure she will be saying “I told you so” the more I tell.

  3. Bob Teeple said,

    02/15/2011 at 11:50

    Happy after National Singles Awareness Day. Rather than over-emphasizing the importance of one day, isn’t it about how we treat each other every day? Just saying…

  4. Zoraida said,

    02/15/2011 at 11:50

    Very well said (written) Shannon. I also know many people in relationships with either the wrong person, or they ARE the wrong person! My hubby of 15plus years and I made handmade cards, (well I did anyway…he leaves me notes all year round when he leaves town), ate dinner (soup on tv trays while watching a movie) then shared a delicious dark chocolate candy bar, and couldn’t have been happier! I remember the days I prayed for him and my prayers were answered with perfect timing.

  5. 02/15/2011 at 11:50

    I’m just wondering why this day falls solely on the shoulders of the man? While it’s wonderful for our men to adorn us on this day, we too should be adorning our men. This is not the day to tell someone you love them, it is the day you celebrate your love with one another – in other words, it’s not an ‘I love you’ kind of day so much as it should be an ‘I love us’ kind of day. While I’d to say that men should step up their game, the women really should do so as well. A husband cannot love his wife if she does not respect him and a wife cannot respect her husband if he does not love her. It’s as you said, “If each person in the couple equation gives 100% of self, who is left without?”

    Thankful for experience and lessons learned.

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