Don’t Give The Crazies Power! Men, You Are Going To Love This.

I only look this way for a moment. All will be well once the crazies escape...LOL!

Hey Ladies!  No Doubt about it, our hormones can send us into a tailspin of different emotions.  Internally we ride the roller-coaster with all its flips and spins.  Then comes the sudden downhill drop that cause a lump in our throat, as tears fill our eyes.  Irritability is a given, but that is no excuse to let the crazies out – giving them full reign to rule.

I cannot tell you how many times in the last few months that I have heard women blame their meanness on “PMS”.  Irritability is different from just plain being mean.  If you know enough to state, “Well, it doesn’t help that I’m PMSing it.”  Or, “It’s that time, so poor”…fill in husband, boyfriend, or children’s names here.  Then you know enough to “Stop It!”

I’m going to give you the advice I gave every female we, The Parker Trio, hired.  I would tell them a key lesson I learned to help keep the peace while traveling on a 40ft long, 8ft wide tour bus the majority of the year.  I learned, the moment I noticed I was moody, irritable, highly emotional, or mean…etc.  I would inform all on the bus that I was one of, or all of the above and apologize in advance.  I would let everyone know that I was not mad at or upset with anyone – things were just getting to me on this day.  Let me say, that nine times out of ten this would solve my mood problem.  Once I voiced my “crazies” and brought them from darkness into the light, they lost all their power.

Let me clarify, this is not a blog on women and their monthly mood swings.  I have found this lesson to be true in many situations in life.  It carries over into many of our thought issues, for both men and women.  If we surrender the will of our mind, swallow our pride, and need for control, we can walk in true freedom.  Our emotions do not have to dictate our day.

Many of the troubles we deal with in the physical were first birthed in the secret places of our mind.  Some of our problems today started innocently, but once we allowed the initial thought seed to take root and gave our imagination permission to create, that seed stretched it’s roots deep into our emotions and grew through the clouds of fantasy until it touched our reality. This is where we find ourselves questioning.  “What happened?”

This is why God told us to take EVERY thought captive.  Every thought has the potential to find its way from the mind, rooting itself in the heart.  If the roots are not dug out and cut up, it will eventually manifest itself in some form in the physical.

I find myself on any given moment talking with someone about something that is troubling them.  This something could be a self-inflicted pain, it could be the pain of disappointment, or it could be a sorrow brought on by an outside source.  Either way it boils down to the fact, that we as human beings hurt others when we hurt.

Are we going to continue to hug our problem/disappointment/sorrow?  Or, are we willing to go through the necessary excavation to have the toxic root/thought removed, so a healthy root-system has room to grow?  Weeds or flowers?  Only you can choose what grows in the garden of your mind.  Until we are willing to admit the thoughts that come in and out of our mind, we’ll never be able to uproot the weed and may pull up a flower instead.  If we refuse to acknowledge that we’ve been wounded and hurt, we will never have the ability to  forgive and we’ll continue to hurt others as well as ourself.  This is the crossroad where we choose to be a victim or a victor.

If we allow ourself the room to manipulate on occasion, we will become masters at it year round.  We will deceive ourselves in the process – robbing us of the hope found only in truth.  Our manipulative ways may be only partially conscience, but once we’re aware of them, we are responsible to change them.

Can anyone relate?  Have you found a way to overcome your “crazies” that you’d like to share?


2011, Keeping It Real!

“put off, concerning your former conduct, the old man who grows corrupt according to the deceitful lusts, and be renewed in the spirit of your mind, and that you put on the new man who was created according to God, in true righteousness and holiness.” – Eph. 4:22-24

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