Thankful For The Loss of My Blueberry!

“If you are faithful in little things…” – Luke 16:10a

I was so sad,

the moment I dropped the delicious plump blueberry down the sink.

Lost My Blueberries!

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

But then my frown turned upside down, because I had a blueberry to drop.

A change of perspective!

I lost, but I had something to lose.

I failed, but I had the ability to try.

I hurt, but I had someone to hurt me.

Perspective can change everything, and that change of perspective will soon unfold the loss to see the gain.

“…you will be faithful in large ones.”

I lost, will soon be I possess.

I failed, becomes a second chance.

I hurt, will turn to I love again.

The question is, will we accept change when it comes?  I believe we will have the courage to accept the coming new, if we can look beyond our present loss and see the treasure in the trial now. 

So yes!  I am thankful for the loss of my blueberry.  Its loss gave me new sight.

Have you ever had the experience of losing a blueberry?


It’s not about denying our pain, it’s about letting our pain grow us and not imprison us.

Coming Soon.  Except – “My I rise above being dumb as sheep to soar with the wisdom of the winged.”