The Rhythm of His Song

The Color Of Your Song

“Did God really say?”

Those manipulative words sent a ripple of discourse through all of creation with the first Adam, and continues to question God’s rightness today.  That wily nature from the father of all lies became part of the human bloodline with the first act of disobedience against the Composer of our life-song.  Sadly, we often continue to allow that harsh sound to infiltrate His music.

We cannot tune people like a musical instrument, to do and act and sound the way we wish them to, unless we hold sway over them or dominated with persuasive words and actions.

To manipulate a person is like asking them to be a piano instead of a drum, or a sitar instead of cello.  We cause the instrument to play in the wrong frame and time, and create discourse instead of harmony.  Or worse, we cause it to play in a different composition altogether – a song it was never intended for.

Let’s be careful with our own life-song.  Let it be one of honest intent, acting in love for others.

Why do we create such a sad melody that lacks fullness of life, and the beautiful sounds and colors of the Creator’s production?  Why do we insist on ignoring the Conductor’s baton and then try to lead others around us to do the same?

Manipulation is never needed when we truly trust the Composer of our own song.  He alone knows exactly when, and where, and what measure we are to play.  He knows what other instruments we are to resound with, and when we are to share our song with them.  He also sees when a string is broken and needs repaired.  He knows when a crack tears through a woodwind and will call it aside until it can be tended to.  He allows it to rest beside Him, but He never leaves the song with a hole, He fills the gap with Himself.  He sees, hears, and knows every facet of the song He has written.  He does not miss one beat, one breath, one note.  He is trustworthy.

“…for You alone know each human heart.”

He knows the song written for us and the timing in which it is to play, Jer. 29:11-13.  He knows when other instruments have caused discourse and rub against our ears and emotions, and He will fix their disruption when we let Him.  Sometimes He allows us to hear the clash of lost timing and wrong notes, so that we can recognize the harmony of His masterpiece and our need to follow His baton.

Our delay is God’s perfect timing.

Trust Him.  Do not fear.  Don’t get anxious and rush the timing, Phil. 4:6-7.   The rhythm of His song is never off.  A musical rest does not mean that your song is over.  If another instrument seems to be playing on and you’re feeling left behind, hang on, because you’ve only come to a rest.  Waiting and counting the rhythm is a very important part of the music.  You have not been overlooked.  The Conductor will direct you with very detailed precision.  Timing is everything to keep the melody and harmony beautiful and strong.  So take a deep breath, rest, and keep counting the beats, keep watching the hand that holds the baton, and soon you will be led to sing and play your beautiful part again – to be heard.

If you can think of and dream about the beautiful life you wish to live, how much more lovely can God’s song be for your life, Matt. 7:11?

“Did God really say?”

Yes!  He has given us promise after promise of His goodness and love for us.  Search for Him in His word.  Get to know Him and learn His limitless love for you.  When we know Him we can’t help but trust Him.  When we trust Him we no longer feel the need to rush the rhythm of His song, nor do we try to manipulate others to do the same.

Will You Trust Him?


“For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
Nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord.
“For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
So are My ways higher than your ways,
And My thoughts than your thoughts.”

Be watching next week for more thoughts from my Israel trip.