To Weed or Not To Weed

“The only way we can create and maintain a hunger for God is to protect our soul by choosing what we fill it with.” – John Bevere

Healthy Soil

As I was mopping my floors, I paused to look out my dining room window. While looking down from the second story of my home, I let out a sigh of both frustration and relief. My frustration was for the fact that I am the only one to blame for the mess my lawn is in, and my relief is for the amazing Cutting Crew who did such a great job aerating and seeding my yard a few weeks ago.

This house is a lot of work. With the help of a few friends and a few emotional meltdowns, I’ve done okay with keeping up with it (for the most part). Unfortunately, the time needed and the absence of man-muscles on this feminine body caused me to shrug my shoulders when it came to caring for the soil on which my house is built. I reasoned away my neglect by becoming content with the weeds and with the image that all was being cultivated properly. As long the yard looked tidy and green for the neighbors, it was easier to live with the weeds than to deal with them. They just take so much time and energy.

I stood peering out my window and thought about how much easier it would have been had I dealt with the few weeds when I moved into this house. Now those few weeds have grown and overtaken my entire yard. At the time it seemed okay and logical to not be so concerned with a few small issues. It didn’t seem to be such a big deal. After all, my yard was trimmed and looked colorful and well-kept on its surface, but underneath the facade the life was slowly being sucked from the soil–the very foundation on which my house is built. Thankfully there’s a thread of healthy grass that remains, though not easily seen. It too would have been choked to death had I not begun the process of healing my lawn this past fall.

The lessons from my lawn are a great example of how quickly one small compromise can grown into a massive life-saving renovation. I could continue to ignore my yard and hope the weeds will stay and remain a nice green color to appease myself and trick my neighbors, but then who would be the fooled? That green color soon turns to a yard washed away by erosion and my neighbors are not fools, so that would leave only me wearing that title.

Sin does the same thing in our minds and hearts. First we reason away our choice to compromise, then that compromise leads to a softening of the soil of our heart. Each compromise to follow becomes easier and our hearts become less and less concerned or aware of the erosion taking place. The facade gets harder to keep up, if possible at all. A heart that was once so passionate for righteousness becomes desensitized to God and all He asked of us when we first placed our trust in Him.

Have you ever wondered to yourself, “How did I ever end up here?” Have you ever questioned where the zeal went that you had when you first trusted Christ as Savior? I’m not referring to just the emotions you had. Emotions ebb and flow, but what happened to the sold out commitment that burned in your innermost part of your heart and soul?


The weeds trick us with their outward beauty, making it appear easier to live with them than to deal with them. They can be painful and really hard to uproot, but if we continue to ignore them we will only be left dried up and thirsty in the soil of our soul. Choosing to be content with only the appearance of a healthy heart will rob us of the abundant life God has for us. We fool no one but ourselves. Sure it seems easier at the moment, but there’s always a high price in the end and a whole lot more energy exhausted fixing a bigger problem than what we first started with.

Though the weeds try to fool us, we have no one to blame but ourselves when we choose to turn a blind eye to something that needs to be uprooted in our lives, or if we compromise and let something in that never should have been allowed in the first place.

So much can be learned from my experience with my yard. God’s immeasurable love for us causes Him to relentlessly pursue us. He’s so rich in grace that He will even have His creation speak His truth to us. Our job is to listen, to respond, and then to continue cultivating the soil of our heart by filling it with His life-giving Word.

Thankfully there’s a thread of healthy grass that remains, so it’s not too late to begin caring for the soil on which your house is built.

~ Shannan

Have Courage To Cultivate

Have Courage To Cultivate